Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi Yoshi Cake Topper


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The Perfect Addition: Super Mario Brothers Cake Topper for Every Occasion

Looking to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your next event? The Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Cake Topper is the perfect solution. Suitable for a variety of situations, this versatile topper is sure to make any occasion special. Here’s how you can use it to elevate your celebrations:

Birthday Parties

Make birthdays extra special with the Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Cake Topper. Featuring beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, these toppers bring joy and excitement to any birthday cake or treat.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Add a playful twist to weddings and anniversaries. These toppers can serve as charming cake decorations or fun table centerpieces, bringing smiles to your guests’ faces and creating memorable photo opportunities.

Super Mario and Cartoon Theme Parties

Perfect for Super Mario fans and cartoon-themed parties, these toppers add an authentic touch to your decorations. They help set the scene, making your themed party feel complete and immersive.

Garden Parties and Home Decorations

Enhance the beauty of your garden parties and home decor with these vibrant and colorful toppers. They make excellent decorations for outdoor events, adding a touch of fun to your garden or home settings.

Cake and Ice Cream Decorations

Whether it’s a traditional cake or an ice cream cake, the Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Cake Topper adds a delightful element. It’s an easy and effective way to dress up your desserts, making them look professionally decorated.

Tea Parties

Add a whimsical touch to tea parties with these fun toppers. They can be used to decorate cupcakes, muffins, or other treats, making your tea party more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Reusable and Durable

Crafted from high-quality materials, these toppers are durable and reusable. After the event, they can be kept as collectibles or used for future celebrations, providing excellent value.

Versatile and Easy to Use

One of the best features of the Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Cake Topper is its versatility. Simply place the toppers on your chosen desserts or use them as part of your table decorations. They are lightweight and easy to handle, making decoration a breeze.


The Super Mario Brothers with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Cake Topper is a versatile and delightful addition to any celebration. From birthday parties to weddings, themed parties to tea parties, these toppers are perfect for a wide range of occasions. Celebrate in style and make your events unforgettable with the charm and fun of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

Material: Plastic and Paper Card

Size: Details in picture

Package include:

  • Mario x1
  • Luigi x1
  • Yoshi x1
  • Happy Birthday Topper x1
  • Super Mario Topper x1
  • Little  Stars Topper x5
  • Question Mark Topper x5
  • Piranha Plant Topper x3

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Purchase Instructions

Please read the following instructions / details carefully before you purchase this product:

  1. This product is not intended to be used by children below the age of three.
  2. It contains sharp or small particles. Children must NOT use this product without the supervision of an adult.
  3. Some item comes in pieces, you might need to assemble it yourself.
  4. You must remove all inedible decorations before eating the cake.
  5. The colour scheme, size and design given in the picture of the product on our website can vary from the actual product.


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