About Us

Our Story

Everyone loves to make their birthdays, anniversaries and wedding ceremonies unforgettable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful and fun to have an event cake that is not just delicious but also exceptionally artful.

Make no mistake, oCake offers plenty of decorative elements that will make your plain cake visually appealing and interesting.

Yao, better known as a cake creative, is a chef, and decorating cakes of any type is close to her heart. She was blessed with the art of creating remarkable designs for cake decorations.

Without any doubt, she understands the art of elegant cake decorating elements to awe-inspire your attendees and create a fun atmosphere to spark conversation between attendees about cake decoration.

Yao has been a great help on many occasions for her family members, friends, colleagues and customers and decorated cakes that they enjoyed from first sight to the very last bite. oCake is not just an online shop to Yao, rather it is a way for her to sprinkle smiles on faces with the help of cake decorations.

A cake made by you for any of your loved ones means a lot. Whether you try making DIY cakes yourself or buy one from any cake shop, oCake provides the decorating elements to adorn the cakes easily and quickly and add that extra personal flair.

Our Mission

At OcaKe, our mission is to enthusiastically re-invent the ways to help the ‘Cake Lovers’ find happiness and satisfaction by delivering the “outside the box” cake decoration ideas to exceed customer expectations. 

High Standards

OcaKe aims to Wow the customers with the highest ‘cake decoration ideas’!

Work Tirelessly

We work tirelessly and endlessly – because we want nothing less than customer satisfaction.

Skilled Growers

At OcaKe, passion and skill work together so expect the end product to be a masterpiece.


Highest quality of the cake decorating elements is our responsibility.

Our Standarts

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business.

Apply our inventive cake decorating ideas to build and preserve trust with our customers to achieve our mission.

Use the material to craft cake decorating elements which are safe for human health.

OcaKe is all about Quality over Quantity.

Focus on acting with truthfulness and the highest ethical standards.

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