Disney Store Lotso Bear Stainless Thermal Water Bottle 600ml


Let Lotso Cuddly Bear bring joy to your daily commute! Our stainless steel water bottle boasts charming Lotso designs while keeping your hot drinks warm and your cold beverages cool. Its lightweight design enhances daily convenience, ensuring you can effortlessly carry and savor your favorite drinks wherever you go!

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Product Profile

Capacity: 600ml

Cup body material:

  • Austenitic stainless steel 304

Inner gallbladder material:

  • Austenitic stainless steel 316

Contact liquid material:

  • Polypropylene copolymer PP
  • Food contact grade silica gel


  • >55°C ( 8 hours )
  • <8°C ( 4 hours )


  • 28*7cm

Review: Toy Story Lotso Bear Thermal Bottle


So, you’re in the market for a new water bottle? Well, you’re in luck! The Toy Story Lotso Bear Thermal Bottle isn’t just any bottle—it’s a game-changer for Disney fans and hydration heroes alike. Let’s jump right in!

Sizable Yet Sleek:

First off, this bottle has got room! Holding 600ml, it’s perfect for those who dislike frequent refills. Moreover, its 28*7cm size fits snugly in most bags. Talk about convenient!

Robust Materials:

Now, let’s talk build. The exterior? Solid 304 stainless steel. What’s inside? Even tougher 316 stainless steel. These materials are champions at resisting wear and tear.

Safe Sipping:

Transitioning to safety, every part your drink touches is non-toxic. We’re talking about polypropylene copolymer and food-grade silica gel. Rest assured, your health is in good hands.

Keep It Hot or Cold:

Moreover, the temperature retention is stellar. Hot drinks stay above 55°C for up to 8 hours, while cold beverages keep cool for up to 4 hours. Whether it’s a hot coffee or a cold smoothie, your drink’s temperature stays just right.


In conclusion, the Toy Story Lotso Bear Thermal Bottle is more than a pretty face. It’s durable, safe, and keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for hours. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, or out on an adventure, Lotso is there to keep you hydrated and happy.

Ready to give your hydration routine a dash of Disney magic? The Lotso Bear Thermal Bottle is the way to go!

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