Sanrio Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 530ml


The Sanrio Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 530ml combines cuteness and practicality, making it an ideal hydration solution for Hello Kitty fans of all ages. Dive into its features and benefits to see why this water bottle is a must-have!

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Stay Hydrated in Style: The Sanrio Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 530ml

Quenching your thirst has never been more adorable or practical. The “Sanrio Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 530ml” revolutionizes the way you stay hydrated by offering not one, but three convenient drinking options: with a straw, direct drinking, or using a small cup. Designed with Hello Kitty fans in mind, this water bottle combines functionality with a charming design, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

A Trio of Drinking Options

The true beauty of this thermal water bottle lies in its adaptability. Understanding that everyone has their unique drinking preference, especially while on the go, we’ve integrated three distinct options:

  • With a Straw: Ideal for sipping without tilting, perfect for cyclists, drivers, or those who prefer a leisurely drink.
  • Direct Drinking: When you need a quick gulp of water, the direct drinking option allows for a hassle-free experience, great for quick hydration breaks during hikes or workouts.
  • With a Small Cup: Embrace the elegance of sharing or sipping slowly by pouring your beverage into a small cup, a thoughtful option for more formal occasions or when you want to enjoy your drink with a touch of class.

Unmatched Features

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this water bottle is not only durable and safe but also offers superior insulation, keeping your drinks hot for up to 8 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. The leak-proof design ensures that your adventures remain spill-free, while the eco-friendly aspect supports a sustainable lifestyle. The Hello Kitty-themed imagery and the sleek carry pouch emphasize style and convenience, making hydration an effortless part of your day.

Style Meets Functionality

This water bottle is a testament to the idea that practicality and aesthetics can coexist beautifully. The delightful Hello Kitty design symbolizes joy and charm, echoing the spirit of adventure that the bottle is designed to accompany. Whether you’re using the straw, drinking directly, or pouring into the cup, you’re making a statement about your style and your commitment to sustainability.

Making a Statement

Choosing this versatile water bottle is not just about staying hydrated; it’s about expressing your love for Hello Kitty and supporting environmental responsibility. It serves as a conversation starter and a reminder of the importance of protecting our planet and its enchanting creatures.

Wrapping Up

The “Sanrio Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 530ml” transcends traditional water bottles by offering three drinking options, marrying functionality with design in a seamless blend. It’s more than just a hydration accessory; it’s a lifestyle choice that reflects charm, versatility, and a commitment to the environment. Embrace the spirit of Hello Kitty with every sip, and let this bottle be your companion on every adventure, quenching your thirst for life in style.

Product Profile

Capacity: 530ml

Cup body material:

  • Austenitic stainless steel 304

Inner gallbladder material:

  • Austenitic stainless steel 316

Contact liquid material:

  • Polypropylene copolymer PP
  • Food contact grade silica gel


  • >55°C ( 8 hours )
  • <8°C ( 4 hours )


  • 19*8.5cm

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