Ducklings Forest Stars And Clouds Cake Topper and Decoration


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Introduction: Celebrate in Style with Duckling DIY Cake Toppers

Welcome to a world where cake decorating is as easy as it is enchanting. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a baby shower, or just a special gathering, our Duckling DIY Cake Toppers are your ticket to a whimsical, effortless celebration. They are designed for simplicity and loaded with charm, ensuring that your festivities shine brightly.

Meet Sunny and Billie: Dive into the Charm of Duckling DIY Cake Toppers

Introduce yourself to Sunny and Billie, the heartwarming stars of our cake topper kit. Not only do these delightful ducklings bring joy, but they also add a touch of playfulness to your cake designs.

Easy Decorating: How Duckling DIY Cake Toppers Transform Your Celebrations

Discover the convenience of these toppers that save time and elevate your party’s aesthetic. They make decoration quick, easy, and absolutely adorable, turning any ordinary cake into the highlight of your celebration.

Setting Up Your Scene: Tips for Using Duckling DIY Cake Toppers

Learn the simple steps to effectively use your Duckling DIY Cake Toppers. Following our guide, you can ensure your cake becomes the centerpiece of your celebration, capturing the attention and hearts of all your guests.

Conclusion: Creating Lasting Memories with Duckling DIY Cake Toppers

Experience how our Duckling DIY Cake Toppers not only enhance your decor but also turn every event into a magical, memorable experience. With these charming additions, your cake will not just be a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Material: Clay and Paper

Size: Details in picture Package include:

  • Little Yellow Duckling x1
  • Little White Duckling x1
  • Paper Forest pack x1
  • Paper Star  x2
  •  Paper Cloud x2

Purchase Instructions

Please read the following instructions / details carefully before you purchase this product:

  1. This product is not intended to be used by children below the age of three.
  2. It contains sharp or small particles. Children must NOT use this product without the supervision of an adult.
  3. Some item comes in pieces, you might need to assemble it yourself.
  4. You must remove all inedible decorations before eating the cake.
  5. The colour scheme, size and design given in the picture of the product on our website can vary from the actual product.

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